CJ BEANJAMIN is a brand strategist, tech consultant and corporate trainer.  Lead strategist, The Badassbrand Company, Co-Founder, Basepointe Innovations, and also the founder of Dream Hub Africa.  These establishments are involved in Branding, Technology, Marketing, Human capital Development, Consulting, Engineering, Corporate Intelligence coaching and many more.

Dream Hub Africa is his newest drive towards a growth hacking Africa and a human capital development platform where he engages in helping people lead a life of purpose, power and influence by gathering top notch coaches within Africa and beyond to help emerging leaders design their lives and position for greater influence.  A  creative, spiritual intelligence and self maximization/actualization platform that curates training programmes, conferences and strategy/consulting solutions to the world’s numerous challenges with a big focus on emerging disruptions.

Through BADASSBRAND  he helps individuals, businesses and organizations define, align, activate and build domineering brands. In the business world, smart organizations use branding and strategic management techniques to differentiate themselves from their competition and to achieve a competitive advantage.

He’s committed to Empowering organizations to use proven brand management methods and tools for corporate brand proliferation as well as individual career development in competitive job environments.

Cj Benjamin as a tech consultant and innovative product design strategist, is a member of the Indian tech community, a community of technophiles curating an indent for new technologies and creating seamlessly on-demand solutions for easy leverage with over 50 on-demand tech product and still counting.

As an embedded intelligence in the area of brand and corporate  intelligence, he believes that branding is the principle of the power to brew wealth through perception and democratic means he runs a boardroom and executive training/coaching that helps organizations and corporate individuals  understand what corporate brand intelligence/personal branding truly  means and what it means to inhabit their brand, Establish themselves as a corporate leaders, Create a mission statement for their personal/organizational  brand, Build a board of directors for their brand, Become familiar with the basics of digital security and reputation management, Create a system for on-going brand maintenance and position for more

Cj Benjamin sits atop the directorates  as a strategist to some emerging brands in the USA, UK and INDIA as he helps these organization drive products and ideas from the sketch boards  to the trenches for competitive edge . He is a Dynamic Speaker, hardcore ideologist. He combines creativity, Strategy, Innovation and Tech sense to provide turnkey services while helping businesses and organizations build brands that pack an emotional wallop.

Through his C.O.R.E FORMULA, he helps people discover, develop and deploy their YOUNIQUENESS for influence. He strongly believes that the only way to find who you truly are is to step into the dimension that formed you. 

His vision is simple, to help people LEAD a life of PURPOSE, POWER and INFLUENCE through speaking, brand intelligence and immersive technology

He is Christo-centric, preacher and marketplace leader. He’s partially resident in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

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